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Стар 08-06-2007

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По подразбиране Strong SRT 50

Digital Terrestrial Receiver SRT 50

For all digital Free-To-Air TV and Radio programmes (with outdoor- or indoor antenna)
Remote Control operates receiver via Infrared Sensor Eye
Set-up support for first time installation
Excellent Audio- and Video quality
1000 channels capacity
Parental lock function for menu and selectable per channel
Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for present/following event information and up to 7 days for on screen programme information
Multilingual OSD on screen display menu: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Czech
Low power consumption
Games (Mine, Tetris, Gomoku)
Mosaic function: 9 TV Channels in overview
Connections: ANT IN, IR, Power Supply
Terrestrial Receiver for direct connection to SCART (connection to TV, VCR, DVD, Projector, HIFI)
DVB-T comliant, UHF/VHF tuner with RF loop-through function
Quick and easy installation and user-friendly menu
Support of active antenna by 5 V output
Favourite list for both TV and Radio programmes
Support Teletext via OSD and VBI
Multi-lingual subtitling and audio track support
User-friendly Remote Control
Automatic and manual channel scan option
Advanced timer functions
High speed channel zapping

General data:
Pluggable power adapter 230 VAC/ 50 Hz to 5 VDC
Input Voltage Range: AC 90~260 V, 47~63 Hz
Power Consumption (max): 4 W
Standby Power Consumption: 3.4 W
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50° C
Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 70° C
Operating Humidity Range: 0 ~ 90%
Size (W x D xH) in mm: 135 x 55 x 28
Weight: 120 g

Audio Decoder:
MPEG/MusiCam Layer I-II
Audio mode: Stereo/Dual Channel, Joint Stereo, Mono

Video Decoder:
MPEG-2 Main Profile @ Main Level
Format : 720*576(PAL) / 720*480 (NTSC)
Aspect Ratio : 4:3 /16:9
ANT IN (IEC Female)
DC IN (5V)
IR sensor

Tuner, Demodulator:
Frequency Range: VHF 174 ~ 462 MHz / UHF 470 ~ 862 MHz
Input Signal Level: -80dBm ~ -25dBm
IF Bandwidth: 6M or 7M or 8MHz
Demodulation: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM

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